Real F18 3D Jet Fighter Attack

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Real F18 3D Jet Fighter Attack is by the most exciting and adventurous simulator game. The game is based on war challenges. This game is based on modern day warfare and world war based mission. Wars have historical perspective and fighter jets play important role in any war. To reclaim area and clear territories fighter planes are used.

In modern warfare few basic types of plane are considered very important like:

✈️️ F-14.
✈️️ F-15.
✈️️ F-16.
✈️️ F-17.
✈️️ F-18.
✈️️ MiG-31.
✈️️ Su-35.
✈️️ MiG-29K.
✈️️ AV-8B.
✈️️ F35B.
✈️️ F/A-18 Super Hornet.
✈️️ MIG-29K Fulcrum.
✈️️ F-14 Super Tomcat.
✈️️ A-6 Intruder.
✈️️ AV-8B Harrier II.
✈️️ F35B Lightning II.
✈️️ F4E Phantom II.
✈️️ F-16 Falcon.
✈️️ SU-47 Berkut.
✈️️ F-22 Raptor.
✈️️ Euro-fighter Typhoon.

Take part in multiple air combats and dog fights and become a flying ace. The planes featured in the game uses an extreme and supersonic fighter jet engine i.e. RORTOS flight engine. The user has to take part in various rescue operations and make sure the operation completes with a success. Land an F-14 Tomcat fighter onboard an aircraft carrier

The game features various aerial warfare challenges like:

✈️️ Airstrike.
✈️️ Strategic Bombing.
✈️️ Anti-aircraft warfare.
✈️️ Missile strike.
✈️️ UAV.
✈️️ Aerial Bombing.
✈️️ Airlift.
✈️️ Dog Fight.
✈️️ Aerial torpedoes.
✈️️ Aerial Bombs.
✈️️ Air-to-ground rockets.
✈️️ Air-Launched Missiles.
✈️️ Air-to-ground weaponry.
✈️️ Aircraft ordnance.

Use the extreme range of weaponry like missiles, air bombs, grenades, air gunship and various other weapons. The air crafts and fighter jets have to take great risk and transport the paratroopers to invade enemy lands. The user must avoid emergency landing and mayday landing. User must be able to perform various air maneuvers, air stunts and various other aerial techniques. Follow the instruction of air traffic control tower and air control room and make the strikes as forceful as it can for the success and victory.

Let us explore some amazing features of the game:

✈️️ Ultra Realistic Graphics.
✈️️ High Definition (HD) Display.
✈️️ Smooth controllers.
✈️️ Multiple attractive 3D camera angles.
✈️️ Gyro controls to navigate and fly your army airplane.
✈️️ Aerial stunts.
✈️️ World’s most intense war zone and military bases.
✈️️ Challenging Air combats.
✈️️ Tap gun and missile buttons to fire.
✈️️ Free-roaming in a beautified 3D desert environment.
✈️️ Different warzone locations like ocean, mountain, ground land and more.
✈️️ Challenge F-16 fighter maneuverability in tough terrain.
✈️️ Air traffic control room instruction.
✈️️ Mayday and emergency landing troubleshooting.
✈️️ Destroy the enemy jet in the given time.
✈️️ War based storyline and challenges.
✈️️ Realistic world maps and navigation.
✈️️ Naval carriers and oceans.
✈️️ Fight against other planes in the dog-fight. An adventure without limits.
✈️️ Realistic war sound effects (SFX).
✈️️ Best VFX for bomb missile blast effects and sounds.
✈️️ Supersonic agility and maneuvering.
✈️️ Fly fighter plane and be a real sky fighter.
✈️️ Fly army fighter jet planes, all unlocked from start.
✈️️ Hunt Enemy in this free FPV mega scene air combat.
✈️️ 3D Games, 3D Flight Simulator, Airplanes, Dog Fight, Jets, Money, Cash, Fly, Flying.
✈️️ Cockpit hud view for real life jet flying experience.

Enter in cockpit of this advanced aircraft combat game. Takeoff and fly in the skies from airports aircraft carriers runway as trained fighter pilot for F-18 and F-22 thunder plane. Available aircraft to choose from include an F/A-18 Hornet, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-14 Tomcat, E-2 Hawkeye and SU-27 Flanker. Don’t let any water or VTOL, air warship enter your country territories.

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