๐Ÿš›City Garbage Truck Driver 3D

๐Ÿš›City Garbage Truck Driver 3D

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3D garbage collector is an exciting game where the user has to play the role of garbage 4X4 Truck driver. It a mission based game where the user to perform various missions. Most of the missions are time missions the user has to pick garbage from multiple locations of a metropolis city. Pick all the rubbish and filthy garbage within the city and keep the city clean. The driver will pick the garbage from garbage drum all over the city and dump that garbage in the junkyard. There multiple modes within the game where both mission and free are there to enjoy the ride. The game provides open city world environment where the city is full of dirt and trash and it is the user responsibility to clear the whole city from this filth.

Letโ€™s explore few amazing features of the game:

๐Ÿš› Automatic transmission
๐Ÿš› Easy and smooth control
๐Ÿš› 4 types of cargo garbage truck
๐Ÿš› Over 20 new and exciting levels
๐Ÿš› Challenging environment
๐Ÿš› Ultra Realistic metropolis city
๐Ÿš› High definition(HD) graphics
๐Ÿš› Accurate physics involved behind the drive
๐Ÿš› Realistic steering, accelerator, brakes and gear knob
๐Ÿš› Artificially Intelligent(A.I) city traffic featuring sports car, racing car, 4×4 off road trucks, 4×4 off road jeeps and various other car.
๐Ÿš› In City Traffic Vehicles Buses,Trucks and Cars.
๐Ÿš› Challenging missions
๐Ÿš› Intuitive design
๐Ÿš› Realistic garbage truck sound effects(SFX).
๐Ÿš› Real cool, crazy Trucks.
๐Ÿš› Locate the trash around the city.
๐Ÿš› Pick and dispose trash.
๐Ÿš› Various visual effects(VFX).
๐Ÿš› Garbage disposal animation.

You are Garbage Cargo truck driver you have to Clean up the city and make your home healthy and beautiful. Sit behind the steering wheel of stinky truck & realistic garbage truck on city streets by rubbish transporting the trash in challenging 20 driver levels. Play as a truck driver of waste collection vehicle and refuse collection vehicle in the big city environment. Handle the garbage cargo truck with care! Drive crazy in rush using your ultimate driving Skills park the garbage cargo truck on the road, pick up the waste containers.

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