👮Cops & Robbers:Jail Break 3D

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👮Cops & Robbers : Jail Break 3Dis the most exciting and amazing open world city 3D game. Where the user will be playing a cop and he/she needs to patrol all over the city. The user will be responsible to check the driving license and registration of car and I f anyone found guilty, he/she must face the charges according to law. The user will pull over the cars by using siren and if the driver refuse to pullover the officer will have to chase and take down the escaping driver because he/she maybe a criminal or robber that may affect the peace within the city.

Sports car and racing car driver usually do over speeding and that really causes several accident on highways and metropolis city roads. The cop will also have stop street racing and gang fights. Drag racing, drift and stunts are highly banned in the metro city area so if anyone tries to do it the officer must take that person down. Officer will be provided some of the most amazing and advanced cop car which later be unlocked when the user will complete his/her missions.

👮 Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPV).
👮 Special Service Package (SSP).
👮 Special Service Vehicles (SSV).
👮 SUV.
👮 Sports Cars.
👮 Radio motor Patrol.
👮 Off-road truck.
👮 Off-road Jeeps.

All of these cars will be provided to the officer and must be kept at the garage where the officer can apply modification and repair the car so be the responsible cop and avoid various emergency situations. Response to the emergency 911 calls. Use your cop car and protect the city, follow the instruction of police helicopter/chopper and catch the criminal.

Here are few among many exciting features of the game:

👮 Ultra Realistic 3D graphics.
👮 Open world city.
👮 Stunt city and drift city, stunt pad.
👮 Metropolis city environment.
👮 Highly simulated drive.
👮 Accurate Physics involved behind car.
👮 Realistic sound effects (SFX).
👮 Amazing Visual effects (VFX).
👮 Realistic open world environment for mafia driving missions.
👮 Speedometer and fuel gauge.
👮 Racing cars and sports car in city traffic.
👮 Real driver skills with amazing escape plan & police car chase.
👮 Guidelines and animation.
👮 Sports cars and racing auto vehicles for insane driving mania.
👮 Challenging missions.
👮 Car garage.
👮 Car repair option.
👮 Cops team and Robbers team.

Welcome to sin city of saints. Turn on your police scanner, turn on your 911 police Lights, and don’t forget your police siren and start with your duty today. This time big city environment has turned twisted and hazardous for car driving missions. Being a duty cop driver chase the outlaws in your cop car. Put your police scanner, cop lights and chase down the most outlaws in the cops car. You need to show your crazy driver skills in the big city streets. Catch criminals & gangsters of big bank robbery & auto theft in mafia driving game. Drive sports car from perilous maze of modern city. Drive incredibly pragmatic police car to pursue the criminals and ram into the robber’s getaway car to take them down to complete the level and the arrest.


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