🚁RC Helicopter Flight Sim 3D

🚁RC Helicopter Flight Sim 3D
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RC Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D game is by far the most exciting and addictive game that provides an exciting environment bit different, bit unique and by far the most addictive game. It provides very different missions to accomplish as you have to perform your missions with your toys insides a house. You have to move your soldiers from one point to another. To move your soldiers you have to draw settlements and provide logistics like building a bridge or clearing the way that your soldiers have to move through. You will use a helicopter simulator to perform this task so become a professional and avoid the situations where you may have to pass mayday messages to control room.

All 20 levels unlocked& sandbox mode. Fully equipped with weapons like missiles, machine guns, and loads more gear to perform special tasks throughout the levels. Take the control of 3 little RC Helicopters in an entire house with garden and swimming pool !

Some exciting features of the game are listed below.

◈ Challenging Story line.
◈ More than 20 levels which keeps the user interest.
◈ Intensity of difficulty increases respectively as the level rises.
◈ Realistic environment of a house.
◈ Detailed map to guide the player.
◈ Animations and graphics to support player to perform missions.
◈ Various range of helicopters to fly like RC Chinook Helicopter.
◈ Multiple Camera angles and camera views to help users to get the better insight of the game.
◈ Escort an electronic train, and remove the obstacles that are on the rail
◈ Demolish houses of cards with rockets and machine-gun
◈ Save the robot’s life from the fire
◈ Pass through the Rings,as fast as possible.
RC Helicopter Flight Sim is a drone helicopter simulator that takes you back to your childhood. It allows you to operate one of the most favorite toys of your childhood with missions like those of a cargo transport helicopter.
◈ Realistic sound effect and SFX.
◈ Realistic Visual effects and VFX.
◈ Unlock exciting missions like moving your objects through wrecking ball and magnets.
◈ This game provides the most accurate physics that helps you understand aerodynamics and altitude in much better way.
◈ You have to move following settlement and weapons safely.
◈ Missiles.
◈ Weapons.
◈ Jeeps.
◈ Trucks.
◈ Soldiers.

Accomplish a lot of variety of missions to become a real pilot. 🚁

An adventure based off road game is also available i.e. 4×4 Offroad Jeep Driver Sim 3D
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