🏎️Extreme Car Racing:City

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🏎️Extreme Car Racing:City 3D is an amazing open city environment racing game. This game provides a unique feature that you have a whole range of cars and use can keep these cars in his/her garage. The game provides a great environment of metropolis city environment user can perform multiple stunts like burnout, drift, roll back, roll jump and multiple others stunts as in Ashphalt Racing Tracks.

This game has following types of cars like:

🏎️ Racing Car.
🏎️ Sports Car/Sports Prototype.
🏎️ SUV.
🏎️ 4×4 off road.
🏎️ Off road truck.
🏎️ Cruiser.
🏎️ Rally Racer.
🏎️ Super Car.
🏎️ Touring car
🏎️ Drag Racer.

This game provides the world’s most famous tracks similar to Las Vegas, Tokyo, Mexico, New York and various other parts of the world. Enjoy the ultimate backyard street racing and obstacle street racing. Challenge your criminal rivals and dominate them with in the street race. Take out the race against the gang members. Race around five different continents.

Let’s explore few of the many highlighting feature of the game

🏎️ Ultimate Street Racing experience with smooth control.
🏎️ Get the extreme user experience with Ultra High Definition Graphics.
🏎️ Drive your car with multiple controller options.
🏎️ Get the most realistic sound effects (SFX).
🏎️ Experience the most realistic and accurate visual effects (VFX).
🏎️ Easy to use easy to drive, intuitive design.
🏎️ Animations and guidelines to make your drive more easy and fast.
🏎️ Ultra Nitro boost and turbo boost to gain the upper hand.
🏎️ Realistic city environment for the better experience.
🏎️ Multiple camera view and angles like (first person, second and third person mod).
🏎️ Blow up and slow down opponents with cool explosions.
🏎️ Attractive and Powerful Supercars with Top Speed of 500 KM/H.
🏎️ Supercar racing in Death Race / Kart Race Style.
🏎️ Perform stunts like drift, roll back, jump, burnout, drag and various other stunts.
🏎️ Stunt pad and stunt courts.
🏎️ Over 20 levels of the game that keeps the user interest intact.
🏎️ Upgrade turbo engine, find the optimal tune for your car. Colorful paints and cool stickers.
🏎️ Detailed driver panel with rear view, speedometer and fuel gauge.
🏎️ Race around worlds most best bustling metropolis cities like Milan,Tokyo, Rome, Paris, Los-Vegas, Gran City, Auto Theft, Chicago, Dakaar Rally, London, San Francisco, Macao, Dubai, Cairo, Hawaii, Bangkok, Chengdu & Arizona.
🏎️ Highly simulated environment with the car.
🏎️ Realistic vehicle damage, every crash effects car body.
🏎️ Real cars, real tracks, real traffic racing with epic drift stunts.
🏎️ Find the optimal tune for your car with hundreds performance parts.
🏎️ Realistic vehicle damage, every crash effects car body.
🏎️ Authentic car lights and sounds.
🏎️ Full customization for your cars including paint, plates, wheels and etc.

Become the king of the Tokyo Streets and the best driver on them. Race at top speed in a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.Perform numerous underground street jobs. Race against other racers. Burn serious tire rubber in Dodge Viper. Show your muscles. Look like a super star in the amazing Lamborghini Aventador. It is Furious Street Car Racing 3D, the ultimate drag racer in the city streets with Huge open city. Filled with wide open roads and winding city streets.

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