🏍️Police Motorbike Rider 3D!

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Ready to go at Top Speeds, Blast past Extreme Sports Turbo Racing Cars with Nitro Boosts, Fly Off Stunt Ramps and do Crazy Jumps across the giant Metropolis City or San-Andreas?

Police simulator is an amazing 3D game that provides amazing graphics and most accurate ride of a motorbike. The story-line of the game is that you have to play a pace keeper role over the city as you have to protect your city without letting any criminal escape. With the open world city environment simulation like Motorbike Racing Simulator 3D, you can drive the police motorbike onto stunt ramps to perform exciting, amazing stunts and build up incredible speeds with nitro boosts. Patrol the city streets with a fast motorbike. Jump over 4X4 Monster Trucks.
Prove yourself an efficient cop and make your city peaceful. Become a special policeman – armed police biker! Chase fugitives and criminals, patrol city blocks and streets and prevent crime activity! It will not be as easy as you think, but your bike as fast as a rocket too, so you can stop the criminal scum right there!

🏍️🏍️🏍️ Features 🏍️🏍️🏍️

🏍️ Realistic environment of an metropolis city.
🏍️ Accurate Physics behind the motor bike ride.
🏍️ Best heavy bikes around the world available.
🏍️ Exciting range of Racing and sports car.
🏍️ Massive, highly detailed open city environment.
🏍️ Accurate Physics behind the motor bike ride.
🏍️ Upgraded Police super motorbike, fast and agile to dodge cars.
🏍️ Ramps to perform various stunts and be a daring drive.
🏍️ Fast and powerful ride when you drive your heavy bike.
🏍️ 4×4 off road and monster trucks as criminal cars.
🏍️ Amazing gameplay with the fast and intuitive FPS controls for a police bike simulator.
🏍️ Variety of super-charged heavy duty police bikes.
🏍️ Multiple camera angles with real physics to enhance police motorcycle driving experience.
🏍️ Realistic 3D environment for the fans of police motorbike games.
🏍️ Huge city to defend and explore.
🏍️ Artificially Intelligent city traffic.
🏍️ Visual effects that are based on reality.
🏍️ No WiFi? No Problem.
🏍️ Offline Play.
🏍️ Precise VFX and SFX to make the user experience better.
🏍️ Most realistic sound effects.
🏍️ Realistic graphics and intuitive design.
🏍️ Multiple camera views to give the driver a better view.
🏍️ Multiple controller schemes as you can use both tilt controls and joystick panel over the screen.


Β Explore a free mode game i.e.Β πŸ”«Grand City Crime Simulator3D
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